Please address all enquiries to:

The Secretary
Lodge Eaglesham No. 1265
17 Polnoon Street
Glasgow G76 0BH

Meetings second and fourth Wednesdays 7.30pm

It is often – wrongly – stated that Freemasonry is a Secret Society. A rather strange claim since there are thousands of books openly available in libraries everywhere and Masonic temples are usually a fairly conspicuous building in most communities. Indeed in Scotland many lodges advertise their meetings in the local press!

The truth is that the principles and many of the practices of Freemasonry are anything but secret. Members are perfectly free to make it known that they are Freemasons. The only “secrets” are just those methods which members of various degrees use to recognise and greet each other. It is as simple as that!

Scotland has the oldest lodges in the world. World wide, there are about 4 million masons, under the jurisdiction of more than 100 Grand Lodges.

Membership of the Craft is open to every respectable man who believes in his personal Supreme Being. However Freemasonry is not a religion. It has no “Masonic” God. When Freemasons pray together, as they do in their lodges, each is addressing his own personal Supreme Being.

The Holy Book – known as the Volume of Sacred Law – of each religion represented in the lodge is open during meetings. Which explains why it is common for five or six different VSLs to be open during meetings, particularly in some countries abroad.

Three great but simple principles – Brotherly Love, Charity and Truth – unite Freemasons of every colour and many creeds. The good mason builds on these three principles in his daily life as a law abiding Man and Citizen of the World.

Religion is a topic which the Freemason is just not allowed to discuss at lodge meetings. Nor would he want to. Likewise, the discussion of political matters is absolutely prohibited.

As every man progresses in life by education, so every Freemason is taught how he can be a better Man. This is done by a series of degrees – each educating and answering questions but leaving a door beyond. That door is opened by his progress to the next degree.

Freemasonry is believed to have begun its evolution 500 or more years ago among the bands of skilled builders known as “Masons”, the generations of craftsmen who had designed the world`s great edifices.

The traditional framework into which degrees are woven is the story and symbolism of the building of King Solomon`s Temple. The connection of Masonic teachings to the ancient craft of the builders creates a form of education which is interesting to the candidate. And therefore more likely to be effective to his moral development.

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